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SUNDANCER LIGHTNETWORKS has a dedicated maillist of subscribers who have requested information relating to wellness, holistic health, products, retreats and inspiring events and workshops.  We do not spam people and do not send you anything unless you ask for it.  We send info out via ezines that feature individual (poster) ads or shared ads.

We use our own mail sending programme which sends the emails out one by one to each subscriber.

Our Sundancer Ezine maillist consists of :

Gauteng :        appr. 2500 subscribers
SA National :   appr.   700 subscribers          (Inc. Cape Town, Dbn & all other areas).

Distribution :

Gauteng                  Periodically but up to a maximum of one mailer / ezine per week.
SA National              Periodically – when advertising national events - about once every two months

This is dependant on our advertisers.


BookingAs there is a demand for space in the ezine or for poster ads, you need to book your space for the week you wish it to go out at least one month in advance.  This must be done via email and must be confirmed by our reply.  We usually send ezines/ads out on a Tuesday or Wednesday and, only if there are delay, loadshedding s or internet problems, do we send them out later in the week as it has been found that most people do not read their emails on a Friday.

NB:  We then require your material at least one week prior to distribution.  This is so that if there are any problems with conversion to html, internet connectivity and uploading to the sending programme, we have enough time to sort them out. The onus is advertisers to ensure this is done, and if not received timeously, you can expect delays and we cannot guarantee when it will be sent. Please take particular note in the case of shared advertising where you might be holding up other advertisers' ads.

To send material :

You need to email us a good quality ad to :

  • A complete designed ad in a jpg format as per specs above in 75dpi to 120dpi and with a maximum width of 780px. We do not need high res pics for web advertising. 
  • Good quality PDF with a maximum width of 780px. We will need to convert PDF to JPG, but they may lose quality.
  • An email ad (html file), or as a word document. Note: There will be extra charges to convert and create ad if not complete as per above sizes.
  • Any image must be attached as a jpg (not inserted) when emailed to us and pics are limited to 2/3 per ad with a maximum width of 780mm and resolution of 75dpi (or maximum 100dpi). Bitmaps and tiffs are sometimes problematic to convert.
  • In order that your ad is easily read by all web browsers, we usually only use the 4 main fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, Comic) so will not always be able to use fancy fonts that you may have in your ad. (Does not apply to JPGs).
  • NB: Also send us a short paragraph for the intro to the newsletter consisting of interesting information about yourself or your product, which will be newsworthy to our subscribers and serve as an intro to the ad,
  • Also, to get more attention we encourage you to offer giveaways, run competitions or have specials which can help build your database as you will receive a copy of the emails responding to such.

Cost : 

For ready-made ads in JPG/PDF format :  
A poster / individual ad is   R520 to Gauteng maillist
R350pp shared with one or two other advertisers (must be limited to half an A4 page more or less)
  R600 to Gauteng and SA National maillists
R400pp if shared with one other advertiser (must be limited to half an A4 page more or less)
NB: These prices are for a ready-made designed ad. Should you need us to design your ad, see info below.

Link to your website, event or Facebook page R250 per month or until date of event (up to a max of 3 months). First issue will feature a short intro paragraph and thereafter, this link will appear as reminder in the bar on the lefthandside of the newsletter. We can include a link to your website/Facebook page and require the web address and a short (max 20 word) description.
Link as above linked to your ad on our Upcoming Events page. R250 per month or until date of event as above (up to a max of 3 months), plus additional R180 for ad setup or R100 if your ad is in a ready-made and complete jpg format.
For ads that need to be created :  
Design of ad   Additional R250/hr -  If you want us to design your ad, send us text in Word/email, pics/logos attached as jpgs.

NB: We are not graphic designers so can only design email (html) ad layout with no additional graphic designing required.

For all ads included is a posting on “Upcoming Events” page on our website until date of event, up to a maximum of 3 months or, in the case of ongoing events or products, for a period of 1 month, plus reminder links on each mailer going out during that time. As an added benefit to you, we will also post info on our Facebook Sundancer Gauteng or SA Holistic News pages.

Packages are available for an email advertising campaign which is tailormade to suit your needs.  Can include a maximum of 1 poster ad per month and shared ads to appear in the Sundancer Ezine.

Discounts are given to advertisers that advertise regularly or continuously.

Website Links Exchange offered to all our advertisers. For this we require your web address and a max 2-line description of your company/services.

Web Page : If you do not have your own website, we can create a page for you on the Sundancer website. Please enquire if interested.

Payments :  We will send you an invoice so please let us have your full names, company and contact details.  Payment must be received in our bank account before we can confirm the ad date and before ad is sent out.

NB Notes :

  • We have a policy of “less is more” and that is why we limit how many ads we send out.
  • Therefore be aware you don’t include too much content which not only is harder to read, but will increase the email size and some people still operate on dial-up connections.
  • We would advise that you do not post your bank details on any ads as this leaves you wide open to fraud and corruption.  Rather send them your bank details once they enquire.

Sundancer Promotions reserves the right to :

  • refuse any advertising which does not fall in line with our mission and vision.
  • fix any spelling or grammatical errors;
  • advise on what we think is practical and good practice;
  • not to take any responsibility for advertisers’ quality of ad, content or copyrighted material or pictures that any of our advertisers may use.  In this regard, please make sure you use your own pictures or have permission to use pictures downloaded off the internet.
  • make any other changes with your permission.
  • not be held liable for techonolgical problems and acts beyond our control e.g. Extended internet or computer failure which could result in ads not going out. In the event of this happening, we will offer you equivalent ad space at a later date.
  • charge a client if an advert has been prepared and then cancelled by the client.


We have been sending out ezines since 1998 and have researched in detail the best possible solution and most beneficial method of sending.

As our self-owned programme sends emails out one by one, they are less likely to get junked and we also stay in touch with spam regulations and are aware which words and phrases are likely to be picked up by ISP's resulting in junked mail..  Also, having used a dedicated mailing company previously, it was found that their ISP No. was blocked by the major search engineers as they were recognised as a mail sending company because they were sending out thousands of emails a day.  So in fact, less people were getting our emails than usual.

Another benefit is that your ad will not be lost on a newsletter containing umpteen ads or on a website with hundreds of entries.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get any response the first time around.  It is usually only repetitive advertising that really has a positive outcome.  We can give you some tips, advise you and help you in designing your marketing programme.

Happy marketing and we trust you get a great response!


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