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There is something wonderfully exhilarating about swimming in a warm blue sea -
observing and interacting with dolphins that swim the oceans wild and free!!
Leave your cares behind and come play with us in the warm waters
and on the golden beaches of Ponta d'Oura, Mozambique.

This wonderful pic of Diana swimming up close and comfy with the dolphins was taken by Angie Gullan of Dolphin Encountours - Dolphin Research Centre in Ponta d'Ouro, Mozambique during our Dolphin Awakenings retreat in March 2015.

I have been facilitating journeys and holistic retreats to Ponta d'Oura, Mozambique, just north of the SA border at Kosi Bay since 2002. I first swam with dolphins in Ponta d'Oura in 1996 for the filming of the documentary movie "Dancing with Dolphins" and then several times thereafter whilst I lived in the South African seaside village of Zinkwazi - a little piece of paradise on the KZN north coast.

At the time, my partner, Adrian McLeish and I, were running a company called "Dolphin Dreams". We worked closely with Sea World and other marine organisations. The connections with dolphins were numerous and incredible and inspired a great respect and love for these wise creatures of the sea. This also initiated the journeys to Mozambique to swim with wild dolphins and it always gives me great pleasure to take others to share this incredible experience with me. See "Stories" page and read the story of how this all came about - "What Inspired Me"

Diana K. - Sundancer

Please take note that we are the South African Booking Office for Dolphin Encountours Research Centre (based in Ponta d'Ouro, Mozambique). This is the original dolphin swim research centre that has been operating since 1994 under the careful guidance and control of Angie Gullan, who has pioneered for marine and environmental issues in Mozambique and dedicates a portion of her income to these initiatives. By supporting us, you are supporting the wellbeing of the fragile marine and eco system in Southern Mozambique in the area alongisde the Ponta Coast to Ponta Mamoli, which after 10 years of dedicated action through Angie Gullan and others, has been declared a National Marine Reserve.

We can handle all your private bookings for dolphin tours and general accommodation in Ponta d'Ouro, Mozambique and can create a package with stylish, comfy accommodation and incorporating the dolphin launches that will give you a memorable and adventurous holiday.  Call or email me for any info.


Note : Private booking and private group bookings can be handled throughout the year at your request.


May 2017: Dolphim Light: A lighthearted, fun retreat to bring out your inner creativity and joy and simply celebrate life!

Each individual is as complex as a kaleidoscope of colour.
Full of unpredictable, dynamic patterns constantly in motion always changing!

Are you feeling the need to take a break from the seriousness of life, and to dive into your inner sanctum of harmony, joyfulness and natural creativity?

Lara Light and Diana - Sundancer have teamed up to bring you an unforgettable experience to celebrate and reconnect with playfulness and undiluted joy. 

We have planned daily encounters with wild dolphins (facilitated by Angie Gullan), and a programme full of laughter, magic, *kaleidoscopic colour and fun with free time to rest, commune with nature, explore and laugh with other lighthearted adventures.

The phenomenal dolphins of Ponta, although wild and free and not coerced in any way, choose to befriend us and enhance and inspire our experience with their beauty and playfulness. Some are known as conscious connectors who seek us out and grace us with their presence. As always, our experience is dependent upon weather conditions and the dolphins’ behaviour and willingness at the time.

We will overnight in Pongola on our way up to Mozambique and in Ponta d’Ouro will be accommodated at Lar d’Ouro, a guest lodge with comfy en-suite chalets set in a beautiful tranquil sub-tropical garden with a sparkling swimming pool. Meals are nutritious and delicious to feed body and soul, and the mind will be fed a feast of colour and light!

Package for 6 days / 5 nights – R5850pp sharing is self-drive from Johannesburg, (with shared lifts possibly available) and includes: 

-     Overnighter in Pongola (5,5 hrs from Jhb) on 3 May 2017 db&b;
-     5 days/4 nights shared accommodation, brunch and dinner in Ponta d’Ouro,
-     3 dolphin launches (weather permitting), snorkelling course (no previous
      experience necessary and no diving required), marine code of conduct/dolphin
-    fun mandala and kaleidoscopic workshops, meditations, dance and other fun-filled
     soulful activities with a bit of stretchercise (gentle stretching exercises), poi
     workshops for physical balance and coordination and more;

-     border transfers R250 return (only 4x4's drive through the border & other vehicles  
     are parked in a secure parking area at the border);

Enquire for international pricing.

Your facilitators who will be sharing this magical journey with you:

Lara Light - Founder and Developer of VibraSync, offering Organic Analogue Crystal and Gemstone Kaleidoscopic Light Projections since 2002 to present. Lara creates a safe space for individuals both young and old to come and explore the frequency of organised geometric light. She hosts retreats, workshops and Star Gate Journeys for spiritual awakening and for the awakened souls looking for deeper innertainment and joy filled entertainment. http://essensualretreats.laralight.com Essensual Retreat Experiences

Diana K. – Sundancer - has been swimming with the dolphins of Ponta since 1996 and has been taking groups to and facilitating retreats in Ponta since 2002. She has being involved in events, entertainment and holistic promotions since 1998, has practised Life Alignment and various energy healing modalities and is passionate about sharing this inspirational and rejuvenating experience with others. 

Angie Gullan – Dolphin Encounters Research Centre - Founder / Guide. South African born, Angie, co-founded the dolphin and marine program during the mid 90’s and took up residency in Ponta d’Ouro, Mozambique in 1999. She has been instrumental in instigating marine life protection and research in the area and has spent many years campaigning for dolphin rights in Mozambique. http://www.dolphincenter.org

If you want to immerse yourself in dolphin light, contact:

+27 82 300 8117

Join us for this magical adventure of exploration, celebration and aliveness and restore your inner-sense through balance, beauty and peace of mind.

* Kaleidoscopic vibrational synchronisation uses light waves combined with intent to stimulate and activate your senses and memories, and to reawaken your soul drive and desire for the best you can be. For those who have a greater understanding of how light and colour works scientifically, this form of therapy will add to what you already know in theory to be experienced in a more practical and tangible setting. For those who are curious and keen to feel what colour feels like, we welcome you to experience the power and presence of this form of light.

Email here for more info or for private bookings

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Note : Group packages, as well as individual and private bookings can be arranged.

CORPORATES :  You might want to consider using the Dolphin Journey as a Teambuilding Exercise or as an incentive.  We also run marine eco-tours. Click here

Learning about the dolphins and marine life is an awesome experience.  The adventure of 
easing into their world creates an unforgettable future memory. 

Tours for local and international travellers are run from Johannesburg, South Africa to Ponta d'Oura, Mozambique, where we nurture our souls and if we are lucky, play with wild dolphins in warm tropical water.

For those living in other parts of South Africa, you have the option to fly to Durban or Richards Bay,
and then drive up to Mozambique.

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Dolphin News

Important Note :

As of 01 June 2015, the new immigration law governing travelling with minors accross SA's borders has come into effect. Please read detailed info here.
If you plan to travel accross borders with children please make application right away as delays can be expected.

The last group journey for 2016 took place in December and we would like to share this with you:

Dolphin 21st Celebration - 9-15 December 2015

21 years ago Angie Gullan, dolphin lady & founder of Dolphin Encountours & Dolphincare Africa, began swimming/playing with the phenomenal Ponta dolphins.  She has made it possible for us to enjoy them in their natural habitat & has instituted research & protection for dolphins & marine life in Ponta throughout this time. This was a celebration to honour her role in all her endeavours and triumphs. 

Our December Dolphin 21st Celebration was indeed a celebration of note and the dolphins definitely came to the party in their exuberant and exhilirating way.  Here is a video clip and some pics of just one of the amazing launches we had.  Also see comments from one of our guests here:

"Thank you so much for sharing such a special time with us. It was really an inspiring, invigorating journey with loads of fun and laughter:-)

I really enjoyed your wonderful company and my heart is full of gratitude for the contributions you all made.The dolphins were just amazing and looking back, those moments in the sea seem sublime, yet forever memorable.

We were really lucky and truly blessed with excellent launches. I am always in awe of how friendly and interactive the dolphins are.

I have been swimming with the Ponta Dolphins and Angie since 1999 and have a great variety of experiences – from meaningful communication and interaction to just observing them swim by. 

It could be that the Dolphins were also celebrating with Angie, but the interactions we had were phenomenal. The experience of swimming side by side, eye to eye or in playful circles with a wild dolphin for a decent amount of time is hard to describe, other than words like exhilarating, amazing, special, humbling, pure love, understanding, connected consciousness, planetary vibrational healing, wow!

There is no question that Dolphins are conscious beings playing a significant role in our oceans and on our planet and are able to connect, communicate and play with us as one being to another. Thanks Angie and her team for her continued love, support and research with the Dolphins of Ponta. Please keep on supporting them."
~ Debbie Craig

Debbie in a circle swim with one of our dolfriends

See our gallery for stories, pics and video clips of past journeys.


What you can do to help Marine Conservation and our dolphins at Ponta d'Oura :


Sign Petitions : 

Save the Dolphins of Ponta - Mozambique
Avaaz are writing to request from the Government of Mozambique to further support the Management Plan set out for the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve (PPMR), proclaimed in July 2009. The components of this Management Plan must be enforced more effectively, including appropriate action to be undertaken against those who violate the rules stipulated in the plan. One of the objectives of the Management Plan is to protect resident dolphin populations in Ponta do Ouro and the surrounding bays.


Comments from participants of previous Sundancer Groups :


From March 2015 "Dolphin Awakenings" retreat with Tiziana and Diana:

I am finally on my way home today and want to share this with you. With loads of uncertainties for my future days ahead, I am also spiritually strong and not worried because I've got a Higher Hand who will guide me along my journey!
I went into this retreat to seek some soul enrichment & rest. And then I found it the most blessed time with my God and His Greatness! With all His unique and special creations...the universe, the earth with all its elements, mankind and animal life! The Dolphin encounters and all the special souls I met, awakened that for me again. And it made my belief in God even stronger!
Walk the path with God and you will never be alone! And let Love, Compassion and Gratitude be the theme of your Life. I wish you all a blessed Life road ahead.
My soul had a good rest and a special 'refuel'. A big thank you to each and everyone of you!
Namaste and God bless!
Lots of love
~ Silvi (Namibia)

From April 2014 "Divine Energy" trip with Tiziana and Diana :

My highlight was to swim with the dolphins and the interaction that I had with them, being able to be surrounded by them, swimming with them and all the healing that took place.  It was amazing to be able to look them straight in the eyes and thank them for the "Divine Energy" that I received. I just want to say thank you for an awesome trip.
~ Elizabeth

There are no words to describe the emotions I felt with my very first encounter with the dolphins. All in all the entire trip has humbled me and taught me to accept people for who they are no matter how different they are.  I have learnt to be patient in all that I do and trust that God and the angels are working behind the scenes to make sure that everything happens as it should.  Thank you for this amazing experience.
~ Natasha

TESTIMONIAL by Mandy Steward (May 2013)
With absolute gratitude having to isolate the highlights is very difficult :-
Was it the excitement of pushing the boat out, jumping on and then "the Dolphins"? ...
or was it that stunning fire dance on full moon night - wonderful indeed ....
Maybe swimming in those warm waters, soft sand and restful ambience... walking, exercising .... Wow!!
Thank you for all the hard work that has been put into the organising and arranging of the tour.  Words cannot express my absolute love and gratitude for everything I was able to experience with everybody who was in my space.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
~ Mandy Steward

by Stella (Oct 2009)

Thanks so much for making it possible. I really needed that break, the sea therapy and the time alone, as well as the experiences with the dolphins and whales and meeting you.  All very special - thank you.

by Astrid (Oct 2008)
I'm listening to the new song of The Killers and I have this overwhelming feeling of freedom and love when we played with the dolphins.  Could be the tune or the lyric 'Are we Human?  Or are we dancer?' but something keeps taking me back to Mozambique every time I hear this song.  And yes it sure feels like a dream, but the last week I have been busy putting all the pics together and I couldn't stop smiling for days.  I got back to over 3000 emails and it took me 2 days to sift through them, when I got home I went straight to my pics and felt soo much better. 
I am so happy that it was you that helped me realise my dream and not someone else.  You made it that more special.  And the group that you brought together were fabulous, I couldn't wish for any different.  The camp was really beautiful and they do an AMAZING job in running the place!  All the little personal touches made it feel more welcome, more comfortable and more special.  Angie is truly a remarkable person, with the love she shows for the dolphins.  I think we and man have a lot to learn from her.  Actually, with the 2 of you together I could definitely feel a calming yet powerful presence.  I take my hat off to the 2 of you for the work you do.  I am sooo looking forward to the Reunion!!!!   (hint...hint)   I also want to show off the joyous little creatures we swam with   :-)

From Connie ~ 
"The days spent gave me the opportunity to deepen my relationship with myself, with the divine, people and nature. The incredible sunrises, swimming with the dolphins, the bright stars at night brought me so much closer to nature - that peace - being able to reflect on so many things........ I opened to a greater sense and a deep inner knowing. The whole experience was so beautiful. I could really just be in the NOW."

From Heidi ~
“To swim with dolphins has been an unbelievable privilege and I can't wait to do this again.  A truly uplifting, healing, endearing and deeply spiritual experience, the magnitude of which only becomes apparent in retrospect.  A very dedicated team of extraordinary people make this experience all the more commendable  -  I am a better and richer person for having had this encounter !! “

From Gabriella - Dolphin Journey 2005
Beautiful Greetings
Arrived back in Jhb late last night, close to midnight with a smile on my face that has been there for days, actually weeks. Those of you who know I did the two Art of Living courses with the Rishi, will know that that is were my constant smile started and has now been carried through with such love and appreciation by my experience with the dolphins.

Not only that, but a beautiful message of trust has been absorbed by my being, and I have finally learned what it means to have faith in the Divine. I suppose on a level I had understood this idea of handing it over, but this trip really assisted in the process of just simply trusting, with no expectations and an open heart.

I had already decided I was going, even though it meant paying for the trip on my credit card, I had decided that it would just work out, considering I was going with as the masseuse, what could go wrong?

Well a couple of days passed and I had not even thought about again. Funny how easily I released a dream to swIm with dolphins that I had carried in my heart for SO MANY years. So the Divine got to work, some strings were Divinely pulled and several more circumstances arose, making it clear that I was to go.  So filled with trust, I paid for the trip with my credit card and just rejoiced in the beauty of surrendering to the Divine.

The trip turned out to be the most Divine experience.

So a bit about the dolphins, now that you have heard of the beauty and miracles in my life, SO BLESSED and SO LOVED am I....

We had 3 dolphin encounters.... that is on each morning that we had a launch. We would push the boat into the early morning sea, looking for dolphins. The first encounter I had was with a female dolphin, or what they call a nursemaid, because these clever creatures share the responsibility of tending to the young. She swam right under me. Now remember you are swimming with snorkel, goggle and flippers. The experience you have takes place under the water where it is so still and serene. She, with 2 babies close to her on either side, came under me and started swimming in a spiral with me. Apparently they like doing that, then she stopped directly under and parallel to me, about a meter down, with the babies and she gave me some time to just connect and observe their magical and awesome presence. WOW! A bit more swimming around and they were gone. You will be amazed how fast they swim.

The next encounter was with a single female, which apparently is unusual. She actually swam with the whole group for quite some time. She started spiralling with me, this time real close. As we swirled, I remember been mesmerized by her beauty and her eyes which were closely looking into mine, swirling and swirling. She then swam off and I began singing bajans, through the snorkel and she was soon back, so sweet and loving and full of acknowledgement for me. This time she swam right under me and turned upside down so that our bellies faced each other - something they only do when they feel comfy with you. The connection was so strong and powerful, so awesome. Merging with this sacred being in the serenity of her waters was just splendid, so playful and magnificent.

The 3rd and last encounter was from the boat, as the water was very choppy and the dolphins were not very playful. Yet it turned out to be a real memorable experience. We kinda just followed them around for a while, and were given the opportunity to just observe these incredible creatures as they went about their day, gliding through the waves, a large group of them, in all sizes, following us. Then we followed them. It was here that I was given the chance to just tune into their energy, to hear their breathwork and to feel the energy of this group was just such a treat.

So now, I pray that this letter inspires you in every way,to know that everything really is possible, to trust and to really surrender and feel the presence of the Divine guiding you, so next time I go, which will be November, you  will join me in being privileged to having encounters with these sacred creatures of the deep.

I wrap my loving arms around you…..
Thanx D....Big goddessa hugs in radiant dolphin spirals.


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